Tuesday, September 16, 2008

fake product for a real-ly good show

i was waiting to post about this until after i saw the show. as a vampire fan (hellooo fellow buffy fans out there!), i was happily awaiting the premiere of hbo's new drama, true blood. and one of the best parts of the hype for the show is the fake product cleverly designed for it -- tru blood energy drink.

the bottle and packaging, designed by campfire, is ideal in it's placement. red, black, dark, and gothic, this "new energy drink" even places the blood types on the bottle (A, B, AB, and O). how droll!

found on thedieline.com this past july, dave was even fooled for a short time.

as randy also notes on the dieline, i'm sure that this fake product will soon become a real product, just like bertie botts every flavor beans. and i will buy tru blood the same way i bought the beans. i can guarantee it.

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Michele said...

Buffy equals best show ever :D
Tru Blood is finally picking up a bit, I wasn't crazy about it after ep1, but now with ep 3 looks like its finding its footing.