Friday, September 26, 2008

political words -- new in my etsy shop!

first in my new line of cards in my DearNic etsy shop, these political words cards are available just in time for the first debate.

i find myself sick of hearing some of the verbage in the campaigns over and over again. so i decided to turn them around and make them something that was more fun than irritating!

yes, LIPSTICK. good god, i don't want to even utter the word in the drugstore anymore when looking for makeup.

i don't know if john mccain is actually the "original maverick" or not, but i am so done with the word -- since it's uttered every 2 minutes.

the theme to the election is CHANGE. though, how much change can we all expect? the word change here is shown small and non-descript -- pretty much what my jaded self actually sees in the future.

i hope you enjoy these! you can purchase them from

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Carrie Rachel said...

I love these cards. Might have to get me some of the "change" ones.