Friday, September 19, 2008

new apartment pics -- living room and bedroom

my daily view of a vintage chair in the living room. my yellow bag is a daily accessory, donated to me by my friend loren. the rug is from west elm and the ottoman is from overstock.

hey! just thought i'd end the week with photos of our slowly-progressing apartment. we finally made some headway in certain areas. woo-hoo!!

first, our living room is pretty much complete, except for artwork. we finally decided on a cocktail ottoman as our coffee table, mostly because it's nice and soft for the little bundle coming our way shortly. we think it looks great in the space, and adds a different texture that we are actually lacking -- leather.

view into our living and dining spaces from the "library" (which is still under construction!). we're happy with the flow.

how our ottoman looks daily... the trays are from ikea. 4 of them, with a fabulous blue/gold/brown elephant print, are so perfect for our similarly colored living room. and with me and my current thing for elephants?! you couldn't get more perfect.

our bedroom was finally painted over labor day weekend. a fabulous grey to give a backdrop to the black, white, teal and gold. dave was kind enough to do the job himself, since i was sick and laid up on the couch.

we have a bit more to do -- bring in my old rocking chair, get a bookcase for our novels, find artwork, pick up a second bedside lamp -- but it's so much further along than it was. the bedding is finally in, we got a new lampshade for our old bedside lamp, and we found fabulous nightstands! we're so happy with how it's coming together! it's an adult room, which i feel is so important now that there's a baby on the way.

bed! the duvet set is from target. the nightstands are from ikea. the shag rug is from overstock. and the gold throw on the bed? that's from thailand. and it has elephants on it! =)

the two throw pillows on the bed are handmade from my friend and interior designer loren. they were a housewarming gift to us, given before we even moved in! so they were a big influence on the room -- whatever we chose had to go with the pillows.

our lowboy, bought from a going-out-of-business sale. score! the lamp is from fortunoff, and it's just so sexy and beautiful in the room. i think i bought the mirror on ebay about 5 years ago.

my side of the bed. it's a good shot of our nightstands, from ikea -- $20 each! double score! they just go so well in the room. the lamp is from our old place, but goes well in the room now that we dressed it up with a new lampshade. (note the gratuitous HOW mag on my nightstand!)

this shot is just to show off our wonderful chandelier, which was the inspiration behind the color theme in the space. it's such a great fixture. from fortunoff.

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jodi said...

It's coming along spectacularly!! Am a big fan of the bedroom especially. Overall, imagining it with the office/baby room/kitchen orange color it is VERY you! Meaning: awesomely unique!