Monday, October 27, 2008

new pepsi?

found on the dieline...i'm surprised at this new design direction for pepsi. and i don't mean "pleasantly surprised". the direction seems odd and disjointed, especially with the differences in the design of "sierra mist" and "mountain dew" in comparison the the basic pepsi cola design.

um, thoughts from the crowd?

i'm all for simplifying the previous look, but why jump this far away?


Luis V. said...


I'm still trying to digest it (no pun intended.)

For some reason, and it could be becuse it's election season, but when I see the Pepsi circle, I see the Obama 'O' ...I guess I make that visual leap.

Mountain Dew looks trendy. Sierra mist is pretty odd, now that I think about it. Sure, I see "Mist" first, then make the leap to "Ah, Sierra Mist."

I think I need to see it in person to make a final, educated crit.

jodi said...

I also immediately thought of the Obama "O"! And, "Mtn Dew"!? Do we really need our soda to help with the Dumbing Down of America?

Tara Jubilee said...

I also completely agree—I see Obama—but it could be because I'm a fan... I really hate the new Pepsi designs, it just seems harsh to my eyes. But then again I'm a Coke fan, so maybe I'm just biased all around! :)