Monday, November 26, 2007

moving towards the light

happy after-thanksgiving!! i hope everyone had a lovely holiday.

so, in addition to thinking about the furniture for the new apartment, and what we'll need to move with, i realized this weekend that i also need to consider the lighting. i've always wanted great ceiling lights -- whether they be chandeliers or pendant lights -- and now we have the opportunity to put them in! so exciting!

so i've spent some time over the weekend finding affordable but beautiful lighting. also, designsponge has posted a chandelier guide today, so that helps as well. check it out when you can.

onto the light!

i saw tay lighting at the 2007 ICFF. their lamps were just so beautiful! they're all hand-painted, which just adds to their beauty. i would love to get one of these for the office or the living room.

our living room is large, and flows directly into the foyer, which will be used as a dining room. because of this open plan, there's a good chance that we'd have to use two of the same type of ceiling lights. since i would imagine that 2 chandeliers would be a little much (ha!), i was thinking that pendant lights with something a little extra would work well. i had seen zia priven at the first brooklyn designs show about 4 or 5 years ago, and i fell in love with their lighting. the shades are all simple and lovely, but then they usually have something special at the base to make it a little more interesting. i especially enjoy the 2 crystal endpieces on the lamps above.

i do want to find room for a chandelier somewhere in the apartment. so, either in the bedroom or the office space, i absolutely need one. of course, we do not have an unlimited budget, i have to do some serious hunting for affordable but pretty ones. these above are from a few different sites, and all are at the $400 mark or under.

finally, there's the kitchen lighting. we want to do some work in the kitchen sometime after we move in, but then we should be able to work on the lighting. ikea has some great hanging solutions for this, like these two pendant lights above. woo-hoo for inexpensive lighting!

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