Friday, November 30, 2007

great article on etsy

a virtual friend of mine posted the link to this article from the globe and mail on etsy. i think it's pretty damn great!

go etsy! and buy handmade for the holidays!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

brooklyn for the holidays

yay for buying local and handmade!

icky in brooklyn is compiling a list of brooklyn artisans, craftspeople, and designers with items that would make great holiday gifts. NicEvents and DearNic are both spotlighted on this list, as well as the hot santa card on etsy.

so remember -- buy brooklyn and handmade this holiday. =)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

great feedback!

i've received nothing but great feedback on my holiday cards. i'm so glad everyone likes them!! if you're interested in them, make sure to hit my DearNic store on etsy.

also, don't miss the post about the cards on the bridal wishlist. thanks!

Monday, November 26, 2007

moving towards the light

happy after-thanksgiving!! i hope everyone had a lovely holiday.

so, in addition to thinking about the furniture for the new apartment, and what we'll need to move with, i realized this weekend that i also need to consider the lighting. i've always wanted great ceiling lights -- whether they be chandeliers or pendant lights -- and now we have the opportunity to put them in! so exciting!

so i've spent some time over the weekend finding affordable but beautiful lighting. also, designsponge has posted a chandelier guide today, so that helps as well. check it out when you can.

onto the light!

i saw tay lighting at the 2007 ICFF. their lamps were just so beautiful! they're all hand-painted, which just adds to their beauty. i would love to get one of these for the office or the living room.

our living room is large, and flows directly into the foyer, which will be used as a dining room. because of this open plan, there's a good chance that we'd have to use two of the same type of ceiling lights. since i would imagine that 2 chandeliers would be a little much (ha!), i was thinking that pendant lights with something a little extra would work well. i had seen zia priven at the first brooklyn designs show about 4 or 5 years ago, and i fell in love with their lighting. the shades are all simple and lovely, but then they usually have something special at the base to make it a little more interesting. i especially enjoy the 2 crystal endpieces on the lamps above.

i do want to find room for a chandelier somewhere in the apartment. so, either in the bedroom or the office space, i absolutely need one. of course, we do not have an unlimited budget, i have to do some serious hunting for affordable but pretty ones. these above are from a few different sites, and all are at the $400 mark or under.

finally, there's the kitchen lighting. we want to do some work in the kitchen sometime after we move in, but then we should be able to work on the lighting. ikea has some great hanging solutions for this, like these two pendant lights above. woo-hoo for inexpensive lighting!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's here!

my DearNic etsy shop is open! so far I'm getting great feedback. so go ahead and buy some cards -- your friends will laugh, i guarantee it. and who doesn't want a laugh during the holiday season?

thank you to Parsiri Blog and Toast and Tables for posting about the store today!

and, a special thanks to my good friend at arche•blogger for listing my new shop in her post about holiday cards. she's also listed some other great designers in the article -- so check it out if you want to do some holiday browsing! you won't be disappointed.

ok, now I'm off to do some other work for a wonderful client. ciao belle!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

opening day is approaching...

hey all. just a nice reminder that my DearNic etsy shop is going up tomorrow, with my holiday wares in it! paper shop ink did a little story on it today, along with some photos i sent over yesterday.

i hope you guys will visit my little store. =D

Monday, November 19, 2007

how to furnish?

as many of you know, we are getting ready to move... but we don't really know how we want to decorate. we both have a fairly eclectic sense of design, enjoying a lot of different styles and wanting them ALL in our home at the same time. =) we want a home that's comfortable (read: not so formal that you feel you can't sit/touch/relax), while at the same time extremely tasteful. bright and homey at the same time. we also like buying things on our travels, and so we need an atmosphere that will also allow for our pieces.

phew -- that's a lot of requirements!

so, this past saturday, we started our search for the perfect (for-now) couch. something that we could base the rest of our design and color scheme around. we were lucky enough to find said couch in home court furniture, in our very own neighborhood of cobble hill, brooklyn.

we did buy it in yellow! yay!!

so, now that we have a yellow couch with clean lines that would work with any style of furniture, it's off to color scheme... i think i might take the opportunity here to go with a couple of vintage chairs and have them recovered in blue and white material. stripes and a strong print would be great. maybe something like these (images courtesy of absolutely beautiful things):

{frolic}ing in the cold

happy monday all!

this morning i'm honored to say that chelsea of {frolic}, another favorite blog, has pinpointed a NicEvents custom invite to feature on her site. it's jaime and anthony's invitation suite -- one i particularly enjoyed because it's based on florentine stationery, and i lived in florence for 4 months. jaime and anthony were wonderful clients to work with, and are 2 of the kindest people i have ever met. so, combine that with our mutual love of italia, and you have the perfect working relationship.

thanks chelsea!
(and thanks jaime and anthony)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Nic on Etsy

exciting news -- when i launch the holiday line next week, i will be selling it on etsy. even better news, i've come up with a new name for my stationery-for-sale -- DearNic.

so, on wednesday the 21st, check out

Thursday, November 15, 2007

hot santa

this is just one more card i'm working on for this holiday season. hope you like it!

these cards should be ready and on sale in about a week. yay!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

naughty or nice?

which do you prefer to be? most people know me as nice, but i definitely have a naughty side. sarcastic, silly, and loud. =)

the cards i'm working on for this holiday season are evidence of my naughty side. not the pretty, sweet card from last year, these are worlds apart.

there's a sneak peek below (still working on them, still need to do one more). let me know what you think! and if you want to order them this season, i have no problems taking early orders.

Monday, November 12, 2007

is it christmas yet?

i love christmas. it's always been my favorite time of year. hell, all the winter holidays make me happy. maybe that's because i was born on little christmas -- january 6. maybe it's because i am, by nature, a happy person who likes to see other people happy. or maybe it's just because there are so many pretty and glittery things around me at that time of year! new york at christmas -- you just can't beat it.

as i work on my holiday cards, which i hope to get done in time for purchase, and a holiday card for a new client, i feel it fast approaching. and it makes my tummy all warm and fuzzy.

so, i ask you, is it christmas yet? i guess this is the answer.

paper, shop, nic

one of my most read blogs, paper shop ink, today featured NicEvents. thanks candis!

take a look at her lovely blog, and my great review. i have some fabulous company on there. =)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

pretty plates

since we're moving soon -- hopefully! -- i have been very involved in looking at home design and furniture. but the one thing that i KNOW i need is a new set of everyday plates. my set, used for a mere 2 years now, is completely chipped and cracked. they're too easy to break, and it's very frustrating!

so, because of this, any plates we get from now on need to be very strong and virtually unbreakable. at first i thought of fiestaware, but they're just a bit boring for us. so i went to corelle. since they've been running fun ads lately with their new designs, these dishes might be just the ticket.

check out a few of the styles below. predictably, i'm partial to the red paisley print. =)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

more blog love!

thanks to Parsiri|Blog, for the write-up about NicEvents! again, I'm honored by the kind words and lovely comments on my work. it's been quite a good week so far for my little company, and blogs like parsiri's are to thank. =)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

one of the loveliest bridal blogs out there -- oh happy blog!, run by event designer danielle gregory -- has posted about NicEvents. i'm quite honored by her description of my work. danielle, if you're reading this, thanks for the kind words. i really appreciate it!

updated site

hey everyone! just wanted to let you know that i've updated my website. all new photos, easier to look through. while i am busy working on my site redesign, i thought this would help my current viewers have a better idea of what i've been up to.