Monday, February 25, 2008

exciting event!

Our Stationery & Skirts Event went really really well!! It was a lot of fun -- dresses upstairs, stationery, cake, and champagne downstairs. Who wouldn't love it?! Well, the ladies -- and some gentlemen! -- that attended sure seemed to enjoy themselves. I met so many great people planning their events, their sister's wedding, or their best friend's wedding... You all certainly made the weekend worth it. And there were some great others that came by that have other ventures to plan for -- businesses and the like. So keep coming to the blog... I'm sure you'll see a whole host of new stuff!

I will write more about it later today... but some of my blog-babes have already done the writing for me! Check out Brooklyn Bride, Perfect Bound, and Thoughtful Day for some fun recaps and photos (some of which have been stolen for the purposes of this post -- thanks ladies!!).

I'll come back on later for more information and photos of my setup. See you then. =)

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bridalwishlist said...

so glad that everything went well. i wished that i could have been there but from the pics looks like it was an amazing event. congrats.