Friday, February 8, 2008

bridesmaid gifts maybe? more hot packaging!

hey everyone!

this is my last post of the week on packaging, and i thought some of the items in this post would be great bridesmaid gift options. so enjoy the pretties!
the above three pics are of pop ink soap, which was a grand collaboration between pop ink and french paper (one of my absolute favorite paper companies). i'm totally enamored of this packaging -- and these 3 are just the beginning.

another brilliant collaboration between paper and soap -- dewey howard paper partnered with brickhouse soaps to come up with the soap and paper factory. what is it with paper and soap? should i start a collaboration with yardley or something?

these lovely bottles of soap and lotion are from daub & bauble.

these bath and body products from cowshed are packaged in designs inspired by wallpaper! we knew it was hot this year.

thanks again to the dieline for the links and pics, as well as continuing inspiration for me. =)

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