Tuesday, February 5, 2008

back to school

my wonderful husband got me a great gift for my birthday this year -- a typography class at the new school/parsons. it's a lot of work, but very exciting for me, since i'm really a self-taught designer.

one thing we have to do in class is pick a route for design -- what we want to learn to design for. there's editorial/magazine (been there, done that, still doing it!), informational, book design, etc. i've decided on packaging design, since now and in the future i have to elaborate on my packaging skills for my stationery and future products.

i have to bring in examples of what i like and want to lean towards. so i explored on one of my favorite blogs, the dieline, today for samples of great bath & body, food, and home care packaging. the rest of this week i will be posting examples that i love. not only because they're great packages, but also because they could give you ideas towards how to design your event -- it's all in the details.

i thought today's packages could be ones with good humor. i began at the top of the post with a package i feel i can relate to right now -- Mental Case Soap.

Jonathan Crisp chips packaging.

Olive Green dog products.

Thank you to the dieline for all the references/photos.

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Erin McCall said...

Thanks Nic for posting about this packaging blog...it's my new favorite!

Your stationery + skirts event sounds awesome!