Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy v-day!

ok, so, i'm not much for valentine's day. it's very commercial, and doesn't really mean much at all. that being said, i do always use it as a good excuse to tell my husband that i love him, and to spend some time with him and go out to dinner.

so, dave, i love you. can't wait for dinner tonight!!

and to all of you out there, thank you so much for checking in and enjoying my work and thoughts. i'd like to throw some love out there to you too!

have a lovely day. =)

(image above is wee little pals by corid on etsy).


Anonymous said...

I took dislike the concept of Valentines day because of the whole marketing behind it... but Valentine's day is too say...

I LOVE your BLOG!!! :)

and to say I love you to my fiancé of course!!!!

Nicole Block, said...

you are so cute!! love yours too, but you already knew that.

your fiancé is a lucky man. =D

Tnole said...

Your designs are wonderful! I'm considering having a party just so I can have you do the invitations :)