Thursday, March 27, 2008

i just look silly

so i've decided to try henna on my hair. it's natural, which is better for me -- hey, anything is worth trying out with these headaches -- and i'm already a dyed redhead, so the color is easy. i mixed up the stuff last night and let it sit overnight for dye-release, and then put it on about a half-hour ago.

funny part is that once you're done applying the gunk to your head -- which looks like baby poo and smells like fresh hay -- you have to put plastic wrap over your entire head. i guess this helps generate heat (necessary for the dye release), and also helps to keep the henna from dyeing everything else (like my couch, chair, bathroom floor, etc.) man, i look silly though!

it is easy, and i hope the color comes out well, cause this would be a great solution for me. plus, it's cheap -- i live in a neighborhood with a large pakistani population, so good henna from the middle east is readily available down the street for $1.49 a box! and i only have to use 1/3 of a box on my short hair! fabulous!

UPDATE: it's done! it's a bright coppery-red. kinda fun! what do we think?


monica said...

i for one love it! such a gorgeous rich color! you look fabulous, my dear. :)

jodi said...

I agree, I love the warm copper, it's beautiful with your skin!! Yay!

Vanessa Kimball said...

Love Love!

Vanessa Kimball said...

Love Love!