Tuesday, March 4, 2008

post themes -- things, people, and places that inspire you

since i'm talking about my travels today, i thought we could ponder a bit on things, people, and places that inspire. as an artist, i love the experience of going to other places in the world and meeting the people, getting to know the culture, seeing the colors and crafts that come from there.

my travel bug started in college, when i studied abroad in florence, italy, and met my wonderful husband. italy is a place of amazing food, awe-inspiring art, and beautiful churches. the countryside is incredible, and the landscape is just as striking as any painting in the uffizi. it is by far my favorite place in the world (besides nyc, of course).

since italy, i've been to paris, barcelona, and morocco. out of all these amazing locations, morocco was the most inspiring, and so where i'll start this post-week.

while enjoying the photos that i've put here of my trip to morocco, please think of places that inspire you. send me an email or leave me a post describing where, who, why. and if you want to send me pics, please do! i'll put them up this week.

photo above is a doorway in marrakesh, which i love for the beauty of the yellow bike against the "love" graffiti on the old door.

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