Thursday, March 13, 2008

yummy in my brooklyn tummy

everyone who reads my blog knows that i love some good packaging, that i'm a stationery designer, and that i'm a proud brooklynite. well, today brooklyn based sent me an email that alerted me to my ultimate dessert -- the type that plays to all my aforementioned qualities...

the mast brothers are homegrown, artful chocolatiers. they make their chocolate completely by hand from beginning to end. they refine the cacao from places such as madagascar and venezuela in small batches, roast their own pecans and toast their own almonds. and they do this daily, so that all the chocolate they sell is made just days before.

then -- and this is the part that really gets to me -- they wrap all of their chocolates in vintage papers! and beautiful ones at that (see above). according to rick mast, "our paper is from Italy and we are currently in discussions to commission original patterns from both local and international designers." hmmm... =)

rick and michael (above) are currently selling their chocolates at marlow and sons general store, urban rustic, and at artists and fleas (to name a few spots). but soon they will have a place of their own! their "store/cocoa 'lab' " will be opening this summer on north 3rd btwn berry and wythe in williamsburg, bk.

i can't wait! i don't know which part i'm more excited about: the delicious treats, the gorgeous papers, or the fact that it's all right here in brooklyn!

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