Thursday, August 27, 2009

lovely and delicate -- a new paper craft book worthy of coveting

home, paper, scissors is a new book available by master craftswoman (is that the right term? who knows...) patricia zapata. you might know my friend patricia by her fun website and blog, a little hut, or by her appearance on HGTV's that's clever. patricia takes paper and cuts and manipulates it into lovely little pieces of art -- a card, a decorative flower, a mobile, even a bowl!!

i'll be honest, this is the type of art -- the crafts end of "arts & crafts" -- that is simply not part of my genetic makeup. i wind up cutting myself more than the paper, and it comes out as a big mess. so i have always had great admiration for patricia and love for the work that she does. it's just amazing to see a magazine or a paper bag turned into something to treasure.

maybe home, paper, scissors can help me out. who knows? but if you are into crafting, or just the beauty of it, i would suggest adding this book to your library.

1 comment:

patricia said...

You're too sweet. Thank you so much! :)

Trust me, it isn't as difficult as it all looks. The funny thing is I really never get paper cuts unless I'm putting a stack of papers in order - go figure!