Wednesday, August 26, 2009

new gallery, tiny new opportunities for artists

you may remember my adoration of charmingwall -- the nyc gallery showcases illustrators' works at reasonable prices, such as prints for $20. their website is equally fun and fabulous, beautifully interactive.

well, now the people who brought us charmingwall are bringing us something new. 6x6 gallery was born from "the tiny art show" featured at charmingwall once a year. except now it's a daily event! the best part? anyone can participate, AND you get to keep 80% of the commission from your artwork.

artists who would like to participate can get a submission package from the 6x6 website. submission packages include your 6x6 canvas and submission guidelines. there is a kit for $40, dressed in a gable box with all that you need, or if you are a local new yorker, you may pick up a scaled down version for $20. the gallery will open with its first exhibit in october 2009.

i think this is such a wonderfully playful opportunity for artists. can't wait to see what others churn out. and maybe i'll do something myself... stay tuned!

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