Monday, August 3, 2009

wow! dexter's return, and my love affair with the ads

if you are a reader of this blog, you know that i'm a HUGE dexter fan. huge. don't know what it is about serial killer stories, but i love them. add to that a good looking, loveable, funny serial killer that makes you question your own moral compass, and you've got must see tv. for me, anyway. =)

dexter's coming back for season 4. i just watched the trailer, and i highly recommend that you do too. oh my!! dexter as a daddy. dexter as a hubby. dexter hunting down a fellow serial killer played by... wait for it... JOHN LITHGOW!! whooppeee!!! what a season we're in for! i no longer have showtime, but i may just have to get it back for this.

over the past few years, the advertisements, wares, and posters for dexter keep me very happy. the graphics are a lot of fun, and i think that this one is especially fun, with the great baby shots and onesies (by the way, the onesies are actually available for purchase here). does anyone know who does the design for the dexter print/web ads? if you do, let me know asap!

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