Monday, August 18, 2008

smart cars!

there are few things in this world that make me react out-loud every time i see them. beautiful art. a really cute baby. michael phelps swimming...

add to this list smart cars!

i have been in love with the smart car since i studied abroad in florence, 9 long years ago. i thought they were ingenious -- half a car, that fit into the tiniest "half-spots" as i like to call them. bright colors. fun design. and hell, they were even stacked in towers at the dealerships along the autostrade! i mean, really, they just looked like toys that you could drive!

every time i would go abroad, i would shout out loud when i saw one. "smart car!" comes right out. i've taken tons of photos of them both parked and in action, in italy, france, spain. i've been doing this for 9 years as well. it drives dave crazy, who i also met that fateful semester in italy. i personally think he's just jealous that i don't yell out "dave block!" and point every time i see him. =)

so, when i heard that smart cars were finally coming state-side in 2008, i was more than excited. i jumped up and down, tugging on dave's arm, telling him i couldn't wait to see them. and my obsession was evident to all living here. i still shout "smart car!" on the streets of new york. i've taken two photos of them since seeing them here at home. even my friends yell out "smart car!" now, when seeing one -- sometimes before i do! it's like the new "punch buggy". goodness, they make me happy.

no, i will never have one. as practical as they are in this city of ours (for parking reasons), i'm also expecting our first child. a two-seater vehicle just won't do. but, when i win the lottery, maybe i'll get one. just for sh!ts and giggles.

so kids, join me in shouting the next time you see one of these fun and fabulous vehicles. i promise you'll soon understand why i love them so.


jodi said...

Well, if it makes you feel any better that you can't get one, they're not actually very safe! SMART CAR! shout out though!

The Pissed Off Bride said...

OMG. My mom LOVES these cars. When the finally "came out" you would have thought Jesus was coming to town. I am going to show her this post.

BTW nice website,found you from Glamour This

Nicole Block said...

thanks pissed off bride! so glad you like it here.

your mom and i sound like we would get along famously! LOL