Friday, August 15, 2008

we have mice!

ok, so this is a bit of a creepy situation for me. we have mice in our apartment! eek! it seems to be a family. we're trying to rid the place of them, but so far it seems as though the momma mouse is taunting us. she even moved one of the traps over yesterday -- could you imagine?!

anyway, the print above reminds me of what this mouse is like in our home. from etsy seller nutandbee.

damn mice!


whitney said...

If you don't want to trap the partying mice, you could always try Jonathan's method to get rid of them:

I woke up one night to hearing Jonathan by the open front door - "here, mousy, mousy mousy..." He had come across a mouse in the bathroom and his solution was to open the front door and logically convince the mouse to leave.

It worked!

Nicole Block said...

tee hee... that made me laugh! i can just imagine him doing that too!