Sunday, August 24, 2008

farewell to intern talya -- and thanks!

yes, sadly, my wonderful intern talya has left nicevents. she is returning for her last year at northeastern. i'm so grateful to have had her here this summer. she really was fabulous company, and great help. if only all interns could be like her!

as a parting gift, she actually gave ME something! how cute is this? she surprised me with it on friday. the funny part is that i had just seen it online last week, and thought how great it would be to get for baby block. and reading my mind, she beat me to it!

thanks for the awesome gift talya, and for all your hard work! hope you enjoyed it as much as i did.


Jessica said...

awww how cute! Im so glad it worked out for the two of you...

Talya said...

Thanks Nicole! I learned a lot and had a great time! Good luck with the assembly project this week, just watch some Jon and Kate while you are at it!