Friday, August 1, 2008

fun positioning in provincetown

i just spent some time recently in provincetown, ma (cape cod) with a good friend of mine and her family. i love the cape! it's so calm and fun and great to just take in.

when we were walking around provincetown, we came upon this coffee shop -- wired puppy. i thought their logo/sign was fun, so i was intrigued. then we noticed something from the patrons sitting in the window. the branding doesn't stop at the signage... customers get their food in a bowl shaped as a doggie bowl, which matches the mugs and logo perfectly. what a great idea! it's subtle enough, but definitely makes you laugh. i always appreciate it when a business doesn't stop short on their personality, but continues a look/theme/idea throughout. they also have some merchandise available for purchase on their website.

i actually wish we weren't just passing by -- if we had gone in, i would have realized that they had free wifi. i was without a connection for 3 days! torture for a small business, let me tell you. =)

some more great cape cod inspiration/photos below. thanks to carrie for all the pics!

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