Tuesday, August 19, 2008

art at home

framed illustration by danielle deshenes, a wedding gift from the artist.

i always have a hard time with art that i want to hang in my home. it usually has to mean something to me, or really grab me. so we've been very slow in hanging artwork in our apartment.

however, i thought it would be fun to show you what i do have up. these pieces keep me inspired every day.

details of the collage by danielle, made expressly for us as a wedding gift (she was also a bridesmaid and one of my closest friends). it's one of my most prized possessions.

a photo of a doorway in marrakesh, taken by us on our honeymoon. you can see the reflection of our moroccan lamp that hangs in the kitchen (as well as the shadow of my head!).

i'm completely in love with this 1976 cover of the new yorker by saul steinberg -- "the view of the world from 9th avenue." my hubby gave it to me a couple of years ago for christmas.

on a couples' apple picking trip in 2007, we happened on an antique shop that had a number of vanity fair prints from the 1800's. i loved them! hubby tried to get one for me from the shop, with no luck as they were already sold. then for my birthday this past year, my friend carrie surprised me with this print. she had also been there that day, and decided to hunt one down on ebay for my gift. i almost cried!

this "bagel buddha" was painted by me, a number of years ago. it was generated as a character for a website on nyc and the theater district, but the project was shelved. still, i always had an affinity for this little guy. so he hung on the wall in our old apartment, and promptly found one of the first spots in our current home -- appropriately hanging right under our photo from marrakesh.

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