Wednesday, August 27, 2008

custom bedding... for my kid

while my life is in a constant state of flux these days, it seems as though some things will never change. and one of those things is me being picky about our decor. even our baby's decor.

since lately those in the know have been saying that bumpers are a SIDS risk for babies, i decided to not get a whole crib bedding set. they all come with bumpers, and that's just a waste. however, i would like to get a crib skirt and a lightweight blanket (not a quilt, because that too is a SIDS risk).

clever as these bedding companies are, very few of them offer a la carte bedding options. so it's almost impossible to find a bed skirt separate from a set. and those i can find just don't suit us. we want something gender neutral, and something that easily goes with the orange walls in the office/nursery. since we will be using a lot of white and black in there already, we wanted something in black & white or gray & white.

what's a picky momma to do? well, contact etsy sellers, of course!

after checking around, i decided to go with etsy seller swellbystephanie. there is some great stuff in her store (see below), but nothing that works for my current plans. still, stephanie is a sweetheart, who is willing to do a custom job with any fabric i desire. even better, she's going to set it up as a registry item for me! fabulous!

right now, we're concentrating on the above fabric. it's the inger fabric from ikea. i hope that they have some in the brooklyn store when i head there this weekend!

thanks stephanie, for making my pickyness that much easier to deal with. =)

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Lucy said...

I love your idea about choosing custom design of baby bedding!!