Thursday, May 15, 2008

busy show weekend!

view into the national stationery show, via their website.

yay! the weekend dave and i wait for all year (ok, we're not that into it, but we do love it)... this weekend is both the ICFF and National Stationery Show!

dave in a wegner chair at 2007's ICFF.

the icff is always a lot of fun. furniture, fixtures, rugs, wallpaper, accessories... le sigh. it's a dangerous show to go to if, like us, you are obsessed with these things. we always want what we can't afford! this year we'll be joined by my best friend, loren, who is an interior designer. fun day!

sunday is my annual pilgrimage to the national stationery show. i hope to cover everyone and maybe get some pictures this year... but we'll see about that. hopefully i'll be joined by my hubby and my good friends jon and whitney from brown sugar design studio.

to everyone i see at nss -- they sent me a free badge but mixed up my info with the info for icff. so it has my name, nicole block, but then it says "david block designs"... cracks me up. so, if i can't get it changed for the event, you'll have to look for that badge to find me. =)

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