Tuesday, May 6, 2008

my wedding answers

me on my wedding day.

congrats to shauna, the winner of the wedding giveaway! and to all the runners-up, who got free wedding websites. =)

i thought that i would answer the questions for the contest myself. my wedding was just over 2 years ago, and i have certainly learned a lot about marriage since. but i had a great wedding experience, and my thoughts might be helpful to someone else.

dave and i on the terrace of bridgewaters, after the ceremony.

- What was the most useful piece of wedding planning advice you have received?
i remember being told by my mom that i should do what made dave and i happy, but at the same time not forget those who would be attending the wedding. simply put, put yourselves first, but don't leave those who love you out of your thought process. this made a lot of sense in our world -- we didn't want an over-the-top, "goomba" wedding as i called it, because it just wasn't us (even though that's what my italian family was used to). so we booked our location in manhattan, which suited us to a tee, but made sure that there was plenty of food for my trepidatious family. we made sure it was accessible by elevator and didn't have any stairs to be concerned with, for the older members of both families that had issues walking. and unlike a lot of couples who get married in manhattan, we made sure that parking was paid for and taken care of -- a lot of our guests would not have been used to paying for parking. all of this made our VIP guests happy, without interfering in our final goal.

me with my bridesmaids and maid of honor, before the wedding.

- What has been your biggest “lesson learned” so far during your wedding planning process?
not to sweat the small stuff, even if the "small stuff" is what i do best. i was never, ever a difficult bride. still, every bride goes through a fair amount of stress during planning, even if she doesn't let it show. as much as i care about details, i knew that if something didn't get done "exactly" the way i had envisioned it, it wouldn't matter. in the end, i was getting married, and that's all that mattered.

my favorite story to tell is about the day of the wedding. i walked into my venue with my parents and bridesmaids. as i'm walking to the bridal suite, i stop and take notice of the ceremony setup -- the candles, which were supposed to be arranged to form a faux alter where we were getting married, were lined up down the aisle instead. i said, "huh... the candles are arranged differently." my maid-of-honor jumped right in and asked if i wanted her to talk to someone about it. i just shrugged and said, "no. i'm sure there's a reason." of course, in the end, i was right -- the space was too tight for the original arrangement. either way though, it didn't matter. it was going to be beautiful, and i was getting married!!! nothing would have made me blink that day.

a passionate kiss from my hubby, after hearing "you may now kiss your bride."

- If you could do it over, what would you do differently?
i'm not sure i would have done anything differently. if i had a bigger budget at the time, we would have booked on a saturday night instead of the friday evening that we had. people were a little tired from work and there wasn't *as much* energy as there would have been otherwise. but in the end, who cares? it was a great night, we had an amazing time, and we have an amazing marriage. just thinking about it makes me grin from ear to ear.

dave and i joking as he's signing our marriage license.

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That's such great advice. And you look absolutely beautiful in your wedding pictures :)