Monday, May 19, 2008

stationery show 2008 -- part two

and so it continues...

egg press had so much new, great stuff!! i loved the holiday cards they had at the show, but it's not quite the season to post about them. so i went for the thank you and birthday notecards instead. =)

it's easy to tell egg press's new stuff at their booth!

fellow brooklyn designer liz libre of linda and harriett launched both a wedding album and a redesigned album -- a limited edition of letterpress misprints, reconstructed by hand.

linda and harriett's inventive redesigned goods.

emily at orange beautiful has been posting about her new launches for over a week at her blog. they were fun to see in person, especially the new TYPE line.

orange beautiful's lattice and type lines.

always a favorite of mine, the L|2 design collective is, as was said at their booth yesterday, the "bad child" of the show. and why not! it's refreshing to see something a little different, colorful -- less pretty and more silly. i always enjoy taking in the view.

the L|2 design collective cards -- a feast for the eyes.

night owl paper goods is guaranteed to have something to make anyone smile. from eco-friendly wood veneer cards and notebooks to their always lovely letterpress cards, the booth is going to please. plus, they always have a great tote bag at the show (didn't take it this year because i still have mine from last year!) and are just the nicest people.

night owl's calendars were my favorite part of their booth.

a somewhat-youngin' in the scene, alee and press showed off two sweet collections -- a wedding collection and a baby collection. i especially enjoyed the use of the blind deboss as it mixed with bold type treatments and colors.

the blind deboss treatments didn't photograph as well, but the above cards from alee and press are lovely nonetheless.

i love a good pattern treatment, especially in wrapping papers. press play stationery had some interesting papers -- beautiful without being especially feminine.

the locomotive paper from press play would be great for a father's day or groom's gift!


Howard said...

you guys can check out press play stationery website at , pretty gorgeous stuffs...

Erin McCall said...

Hey Nic - Is the stationery show a wholesale show? Or are the participants trying to sell their stuff retail to visitors? I'm trying to figure out if the prices shown in your pictures are retail prices for visitors to the show?



Nicole Block, said...

hey erin! they're wholesale prices... they don't sell retail at the show. of course, you can always go to their websites and see if they sell retail there. but the NSS is strictly a wholesale event.

Erin McCall said...

Thanks - Phew - I was thinking that was awfully cheap for retail :) Just wanted to compare with my pricing. Thanks again for the great photos!