Monday, May 19, 2008

intern needed

image by andy singleton, via don't panic.

so, i'm quite overwhelmed by the amount of work i have in front of me. not that i'm complaining at all... but i need help. i'm finishing up my home studio and as soon as that is done, i'll need an INTERN!!!

yes, you lucky kids, i'm looking to hire an intern. unfortunately, i am not in a position to pay my intern (i am a one-woman company after all), but i would be more than happy to give college credit and recommendations for jobs... and happy company all day long.

my intern would only be necessary a few days a week, and would be responsible for the following:

1. filing and billing.
2. research for projects -- images, inspiration, colors, etc.
3. email checking and responding
4. general organization.

i would hope that this could be mutually beneficial for myself and my future intern. i would like her/him to learn about design, stationery, printing process, etc. i'm not going to ask for actual designing, but definitely all other aspects that go into the job.

the internship would begin in mid-to-late june. if you're interested, or know someone who is interested, please feel free to email me at please include a link to your work (preferred), or a small pdf.

thanks guys!

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