Monday, May 19, 2008

stationery show 2008 -- part one

i'm going to have to break up my stationery show posts into several parts. there are just a ton of photos and info to give. let's start here...

the stationery show this year was great. i was really impressed with much of the work and the attitudes of the exhibitors. everyone was happy to be there, and clearly excited by the turnout and response. and i was happy for them.

let's start at some local favorites.... one of the must-see booths at this show is the mixed co. booth. it contains the work of Allymoon, Good on Paper, Laurel Denise, Linea Carta, Mateo Ilasco, and Nantaka Joy (happy birthday joy!). these ladies were all the biggest sweethearts in the world, and excited to be together. their work speaks for itself -- joy's pieces are always the ultimate in taste, meg mateo ilasco's type treatments are fun in simplicity, and good on paper's lisa jackson has sweet and lovely accessories. so much fun.

nantaka joy's beautiful journals.

mateo ilasco's happy notecards.

good on paper's sweet notecards and adorable baby t-shirts.

allymoon's notebooks.

another joint venture was between the great lakes goods and pearl & marmalade. fun stuff, whimsical and humorous.

pearl & marmalade's gnome card was my fave on her side of the booth.

TGL's mushrooms on both wood and paper.

i love the idea of joining forces in a booth. maybe myself and some of my fellow stationers can do it in a couple of years....

ok, i digress. onto single booths in the next chapter of the reviews...

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patricia said...

Great coverage! Thanks for sharing. I'd love to see that show in person some day. Drool...