Thursday, May 22, 2008

portrait of... your cake!

an anniversary portrait of the artist's wedding cake.

so, i know that all of us worry about certain things regarding our weddings -- the dress, the flowers, the reception location, and the cake! more and more, that cake is taking center stage at the wedding. my clients sometimes go as far as have me design their cakes to align with the rest of the wedding design, tying everything together.

but the biggest problem with the cake? after you eat it, it's all gone! you don't get to preserve it like your wedding dress, or press-dry it like you can with your flowers. so, other than that famous pic of you and your hubby cutting the cake, how can you preserve it's beauty forever?

enter artist jennie traill shaeffer, and her wedding cake portraits. jennie is an artist (and college friend of mine) located in new jersey, who has recently become quite the hot commodity. she realized -- after her wedding and a number of friends' weddings -- how much everyone loves their cakes and how great it would be to have them preserved forever. so she started doing wedding cake portraits for both clients and friends, and they've gone over like hotcakes (ok, i know, corny, but i couldn't help it).

now she's launched a new site, where you can place an order for the cake portrait of your dreams. you also have the option of dropping by the artist's new studio in newton, nj, to see her work in person and order directly from the master. =)

these portraits make amazing wedding gifts (just make sure to order right after the wedding to avoid a gift-etiquette faux-pas), an anniversary gift, or a wonderful memory of your own wedding.

go to wedding cake portraits for all the information you'll need.

a portrait of michelle and david's cake, which i had designed for the wedding. (this was fun for jennie and myself.)


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

This is *such* a fabulous idea!

cookie said...

I'd love to have her paint one of my cakes. These are very nice.