Thursday, May 29, 2008

orange pics!!

the kitchen cabinets, window, and counter tops on the right side. the lantern is a souvenir from our honeymoon in morocco.

so, we painted my office and the kitchen during the long weekend. we wound up doing both of them in the same color orange. i love how it looks different at all different times of day... in daylight the color is nice and bright, but not jarring... and then in the evening it's a richer, darker orange.

excuse the state of the rooms in the photos. i haven't really put everything back together correctly yet. especially in the office. we're in the process of rearranging, and will be hanging up our last wall cabinet this weekend.

close-up of the window and right corner. you can see how the lantern really catches the light from the window... you can also see the little jars on the last mug shelf, which we also brought back from morocco. they influenced the color concept, even though the plans changed last-minute!

you can see the small wall in the corner... we're going to make that a chalkboard wall, and will use charcoal-colored chalkboard paint on it. can't wait!

better view of the left side of the small-but-efficient kitchen, with the metal shelves for the appliances. the kitchen actually came with the shelves, cabinets, major appliances and countertops, which we are completely grateful for!

cabinet wall in my office. the last cabinet is going up this weekend. both the cabinets and butcher-block island are from ikea. the area next to the butcher block is where my new desk will go.

the currently-disorganized wall of the office... when we get our new bookshelves for the "library" area, this shelf system and everything on it will move out of the room.

the current area where my desk is. i'll be getting rid of this desk (it's 71" long, which i love, but i need more space in there), and getting a new one that will go on the other side. more to come about what's going to go on this wall later...


Melissa said...

Looks wonderful!!! When I picked out the colors for my place, I really wanted to paint an orange room. But I ended up going in different directions. Maybe I'll eventually paint an orange bathroom, but at this point, I need a break from painting!

100 Percent Cottam said...

i LOVE the orange! looks great!